Kim Green has been a freelance writer and public radio producer since the early 2000s. She’s produced stories for Nashville Public Radio, Marketplace, NPR’s Only a Game, and NPR’s Weekend Edition, on topics from aviation to lawnmower racing. Currently, she’s managing editor of Pursuit Magazine, an online publication for professional investigators.

Before writing, Green was a flight instructor in Nashville. For two years, she wrote a regular column for HER Nashville, and recently co-translated and edited a memoir by a Soviet combat airwoman from WWII; Red Sky, Black Death was published in 2009. 

Contact info: kim [at] storyboardemp [dot] com


Graham GrayWorking It: Living Between Hope and HardshipA series about Americans whose daily lives are filled with uncertainty (NPR)

“Two layoffs in six months left Graham Gray scrambling to find affordable health insurance and to shield her children from worries about the family’s future. ‘I definitely want to protect my sons from that feeling of insecurity I had as a child.'”

Transitioned - A series about Tennesseans adapting to an economy in flux (WPLN)

A Lesson in Sprockets Takes Students on a TripAn avid cyclist teaches kids to build bikes, aiming to give them power beyond mere locomotion. (NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday)

Siblings of Sick Kids Learn a Life Lesson EarlyOn siblings of chronically ill or disabled kids (NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday)

Paying for Better Eyes in the SkiesOn the FAA’s plans to overhaul the air traffic control system (Marketplace)

A Dylan Thomas TrilogyComposer John Corigliano sets the poet’s words to music, and tells the story of the poet’s, and his own, life. (WPLN)

Lawnmower RacesThe riding kind. People actually do this. (NPR’s Only a Game)

The Sound of Pursuit PodcastSince 2014, I’ve been co-producing a private investigator-themed podcast with Nashville PI (and husband of Kim), Hal Humphreys.

“The husband spotted it on her cell phone: a text flirtation with the kids’ soccer coach. Maybe it’s going somewhere, maybe it isn’t. He wants to know which.” —excerpt from “Super Sad True Surveillance Job,” episode 10, “Connections and Distractions”

Print features

American Dreamers – Four stories of immigrant mothers who braved hard work, perilous journeys, even separation to raise their children as U.S. citizens (Nashville Scene)

Sherrick + Paul: New Gallery, New Art A curator and gallery entrepreneur infuses big-world art into a small-city arts scene.

Ruta Sepetys’s Long Journey HomeHow a Nashville author’s quest to discover her family history resulted in a bestselling debut novel (Nashville City Paper)

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift – A lifesaving kidney transplant from daughter to dad means many more Father’s Days to come. (Spry Living)

Pink Ribbon PushbackThree women tell the real stories of breast cancer, with no sticky pink sentimentality. (HER Nashville)

The Secrets of Super AgersIs lifespan written into our genes? The answer isn’t simple. (Spry Living)

3 Investigative Skills That Might Make You a Better Human – Lifehacks for Investigators: How to Win Friends and Spy on People (Pursuit Magazine)

Q&A: Diana Henriques—How to Interview Bernie Madoff - Tips for getting the truth from one of the world’s most accomplished liars (Pursuit Magazine)

Cedar Key, FL—Lovely & Untamed – In which Hal and I fly our little Cessna to Cedar Key, FL and achieve escape velocity with a crazy airboat pilot (from AOPA Pilot Magazine)

Cultivating a Gardener in Six Easy Steps – Do you want A garden, or do you want TO garden? Noun or verb?

Personal essays 

Monte de PerdonA Pilgrim’s ProgressA 5-foot-3 woman’s got to learn to be big sometimes, especially when her 6-foot-tall guy feels small. (Nashville Scene) 

“My husband Hal was freaking out. We had been walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across Spain for almost six weeks and had only one day to go to reach the sea…”

Unnatural Selection - Excused from the Jury for Cause (Nashville Scene)

What We Talk About When We Talk About “Rape Culture” – An open letter to good men: “It’s in your power to punch holes in rape culture in ways we cannot.”

Teachable Moments in Aircraft Emergencies – Flying Lessons: How to Appear Calm While Crashing a Small Plane (Nashville Scene)

Seeing Through the Veil of Ignorance – A strange friendship that did not go as planned (HER Nashville)

A Tomboy Turns 40 – The aches and pains of aging athletes (HER Nashville)

Mother, But Not Mom: I Have Two Kids (That I Know Of)The weird world of egg “donation”  (HER Nashville)

On Being a RegularAbout frequenting a place until it feels like home (From Hemispheres Magazine)

Halcyon Days - Adventures in home renovation: Shovel fights! Exploding cars! (HER Nashville)


Red Sky, Black Death: A Soviet Woman Pilot’s Memoir of the Eastern Front - edited and collaborated on translation of this memoir by Anna Timofeyeva-Yegorova, a WWII attack pilot in the Soviet Air Force. Slavica Publishers, 2009. 

review in Russian Life: “Ably translated by Margarita Ponomaryova and Kim Green, Yegorova’s memoir gives a human scale view of pre-war purges, of socialist construction projects, of soldiers’ lives during the war, of what it meant to be a female combat pilot, of what repatriated prisoners went through on returning to Russia – in short, a tale of a heroic life through the middle of the last century.”

– also excerpted in Smithsonian Air & Space and reviewed for Aviation History Magazine


2014 Association of Alternative Newsmedia: 1st Place, “Vodka Yonic” by Abby White, Ashley Spurgeon, and Kim Green, Nashville Scene

2014 Tennessee AP broadcasters: Best light feature

2013 Public Radio News Directors: 1st place, Best writing

2012 Tennessee AP broadcasters: Best short light feature

2011 Public Radio News Directors: 1st place, Best use of sound

2009 Tennessee AP broadcasters: Best use of sound, Best sports feature, Best in show (radio)

2008 Tennessee AP broadcasters: Best long light feature

2007 Tennessee AP broadcasters: Best long light feature, Best sports feature, Honorable mention

2007 Public Radio News Directors: 1st place, soft feature

2004 Public Radio News Directors: 1st place, news feature; 2nd place, series

2003 Max Karant Award for Excellence in Aviation Journalism

27 thoughts on “About

      • Kim, I lost my computer without backup, your email address among those. Please email me when you can.
        Love, Chantha

  1. Hey Kim–nice to see you and Hal yesterday–always is especially with food. I’ll send info as soon as my computer gets fixed. It’s become unresponsive and will apparently need to be wined, dined, complimented gratuitously and generally fawned over (not to mention money must be thrown at it) before it will get back to work. Coke

  2. Kim, thanks for your honest feedback and heartfelt concerns expressed in today’s Nashville Scene article about the 12south development. I am so grateful that you and Jimmy Granbery had the opportunity to connect. Please be assured that the H.G. Hill Realty Co. will do all that it can to make the 12South neighbors and the Nashville community at large proud of this new development.
    I was struck by your comment that you’ve never “experienced the Hill family in your neighborhood.” It made me laugh out loud because quite honestly there are so many Hill family members running around Nashville that I don’t know how you missed us! We are always plugging cousin Jimmy Granbery with the exact same ideas, thoughts, concerns, wants and needs for Hill properties. We are in 12South. Perhaps that was me, right next to you at Maffioso’s, or sitting in church at the Hope Center? I’m taking associates to lunch at Burger Up. Jimmy Granbery is getting questions and concerns by both family members and board members alike with each quarterly meeting. This WILL be a responsible, first-class development. 12South is special and will remain special, I am certain. What’s genuinely reassuring to me is the energy and strength coming from the neighborhood. Combine that with the investment and opportunities and 12South will be altogether outstanding. Don’t you think?
    Thanks again for being a great neighbor, and steward for the 12South community.
    Ashley C. Levi
    4th generation Hill family member, former employee, Board member H.G. Hill Co.

    • Hi, Ashley!

      Thanks for your gracious note! I replied to you directly via email. But for the benefit of anyone else reading, please let me elucidate: the “When I walk down my street, I do not experience your family” comment was not meant to be snarky, only to make the point that I DO appreciate that the Hill family has a long and local history; but what I directly experience in my neighborhood are the local businesses here and the entrepreneurs that created them—Miranda at Burger Up, Will at Edley’s, Carrie and Matt at Imogene+Willie. They’ve become friends, and their creations (and their pleasant company) enrich my life every day.

      Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. As I told your cousin Jimmy, I promise to be honest and fair and to keep an open mind. I hope to meet you soon in the ‘hood!


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